I wrote a book - will you carry it?

If your book has been published, has an ISBN, is available through Ingram, please email info@whitelambooks.com with the Title, Author, Publisher, ISBN, and your connection to Reading or other reasons you think your book would be great at Whitelam Books, and we will review whether it is a good fit for our store. 


We have a policy of not carrying books published by Createspace, because, as a matter of principle, we disagree with Amazon's business model.


Please do not leave a copy of the book at the store or send one unless we request it.

If you have self-published a book, we have a few events every year in which we highlight local, self-published authors.  We have some stand-alone author features for authors who are closely connected with the store.  And, we have multi-author events:  During these events, each author is given a one-hour time-slot, in which to do a reading, talk about their book(s,) do a Q&A, or whatever the author would like to do to highlight their book.  Book sales work as follows:  The authors bring their stack of books, the bookstore jerry-rigs it into the inventory system for the event and at the end of the event writes a check to the author for 60% of the sales of that book, and the author takes any remaining inventory home with them.  Authors are expected to help publicize that they will be featured at this event.